IO32 Project


J-Cyclitur is a compression tool dedicated to execution traces of cyclic programs.



java -jar path/to/jcyclitur.jar OPTIONS


Option Description
-?, -h, --help show help
-i, --input FILE set input file (default: stdin)
-o, --output FILE set ouput file (default: stdout)
-l, --loop-header set loop-header(s) (separated by |), default detected by heuristics
-C, --no-cyc-comp disable cycle-aware compression
-L, --no-lookahead disable lookahead
-R, --no-rep-red disable consecutive repetition reduction
-n, --network enable specific network trace parsing
-s, --sequitur Sequitur (shorthand for -R -C)


java -jar jcyclitur.jar -i trace.csv -o grammar.txt -l 0x8000650

Compresses with Cyclitur the input trace trace.csv given the lookahead 0x8000650 and outputs a grammar as text in grammar.txt

java -jar jcyclitur.jar -s -i trace.csv -o grammar.txt

Compresses with Sequitur the input trace trace.csv and outputs a grammar as text in grammar.txt